Trucking rate

We use our own truck systems of different sizes and capacities to provide a safe and efficient contribution of a wide range of goods from raw materials to semi-finished products, products. Accomplished. With a strong fleet and experienced, Interplus Trucking always has a continuous flow of goods 24/7 throughout the country. We always ensure every shipment is transported safely, on schedule, the shortest route with the lowest cost.

In order to optimize the inland transport process, Interplus also combines with transportation solutions to suit the actual conditions such as barges, trains, inland water ...

In 2019, Interplus domestic transport chain is adopting a new system - Container round use (CRU). This new system aims to use containers more effectively to help importers and exporters save money in their transportation process.

Special goods

  • Frozen products

  • Project supplies

  • Over-sized, over-weighted goods

  • Seafood

  • Equipment components and accessories

  • Chemistry

  • Bulk

  • High-value goods (perishable)

  • Furniture, personal consumption

  • New and old machinery